About us
Our customers
Company CHERKOM - MM Ltd. was established in 1997 in Burgas as an strategic place for relations between advanced technology and experience in the field of modern and high quality construction and ever-growing markets in Bulgaria. Constantly watching the market, we are a step ahead in offering a wide range of porcelain tiles, terracotta and ceramics produced in the leading Italian, Spanish and Chinese factories. Appreciating the time of our customers  we maintain a large stock of all models out in our stores in Burgas and Sunny Beach.
Our clients are well-established construction companies in upbuilding of:
- Office buildings and hotels
- Residential areas
- Stores and shopping centers
- Fast food restaurants
- Sports centers and swimming pools
- Manufacturing facilities
- Showrooms
- Beauty salons and more
- Services

For better customer service, the company offers:
- Interior Design
- Projects and visualization
- Consultation with leading designers
- Contact with building organizations
- Transport to home or facility
Bourgas phone # 056/844 753 , 0885/837102

Sunny Beach phone # 0886/011558
Mon. - Friday 08:00ч. - 18:00ч.

Saturday 09:30ч. - 18:00ч. Sunday - not working